I’m going back over my notes from CHIC 2K9: Undone last summer (don’t ask why), and I feel like sharing.

Day 1: We’re not ordinary children. We were God’s dream. Acts 7:20 (Moses). What’s your dream?
Idk why I didn’t take too many notes here. I just didn’t.

Day 2: Without love, it’s all nothing. Give the best away. Freedom Fighters. Be a holy trouble maker. Christianity should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. “We’re just the asses who get to bring Jesus in!” Radical lovers.


Day 3: Unveil Us Seminar. Steven Furtick. No carjacking!! No fear of bugs.
Bug Conversation
Elijah: *freak out*
Steven: How big is the bug?
Elijah: This big. *indicate with fingers*
Steven: How big are you?
Elijah: This big! *indicates*
Steven: How big is your daddy?
Elijah: THIS big! *indicates and grins*
Steven: How big is God?
Elijah: *grins wider* THIS BIG!! *indicates huge*


Day 4: Music session. Then Jim on Apologetics. Questions aren’t a bad thing. James 2:19. Christianity is not a spectator sport. We’re gifted uniquely to serve God. Why would the disciples have written about their mistakes and stupidity is the Gospel was made up? Answering questions. Listen. Change people’s perspectives. Among other stuff.

That was the morning session. Evening at Mainstage was def a beauty/security thing. Pastor Judy dicussed honesty, rejection, the fact that God loves us in our brokenness and we don’t have to earn love, being one-legged on the inside, “If you pretend in a relationship, all you have is a pretend relationship,” Psalm 32, “Grace is that someone knows your crap and loves you with it,” not wearing makeup, you’re always beautiful, God calls us His Beloved and can heal the messiness, dancing with Jesus, John 1:12, and that we’re loved because put dreams in us. Among other things.

They gave us time after that to talk as youth groups, and some of the stuff I wrote down during that time includes:

What’s God telling you? (responses from everybody, not just me)

  • He’s HERE.
  • No worries or insecurities.
  • Loved no matter what. Nothing separates us from Him.
  • He’s real.
  • There are better things; we’re destined for greatness.

Day 5: Injustice. I am NOT for sale. Slavery. Love 146. Slumdog professor. We are the solution.

This night, Efrem spoke. I ❤ him. He’s freaking awesome. I took a lot of notes from his lesson. Like, four + pages.

He talked about Jeremiah, about being youg and influential, about looking at the other gender the way God does, about how God put something powerful inside each of us, about how we need to allow Him to work in us, about how we’ll take the covenant to a deeper level, and about being an impala (with no fences!), among other stuff.

The Benediction we said together each night after Mainstage reads as follows:

And now as we go on our way, may Jesus undo our watered-down, sanitized, and sugar-coated faith, so that we may follow Him into a heroic life where our comfort zones are undone so that we are not afraid to become countercultural and countercomfortable. Holy Spirit, reveal a God Who is bigger than all we can figure out and Who loves us beyond what we can imagine. Give us the courage and the commitment to work together so that none of God’s work remains undone.

We “debriefed” as a group the next night, after we’d left the conference. It was great to review the week.

After we got home, we had CHIC Sunday at church, where a couple of us (including me) got up and shared a little of what we’d learned. I shared on security. I had this whole big thing written out, and then I got on stage and ditched it. As usual. Lol.

A special part of what I’d written, and something I kind of shared was:

For me, Tuesday talking to Steph and Wednesday night, it was the phrase, “No more insecurities.” I can do whatever I put my mind to if I’m secure in Christ. Like Richard said last week, true security, your only security, comes from God. … I need to trust Him completely and not let my doubts and fears hinder me.

After CHIC, thinking about that next school year (this past school year now),  I wrote some stuff down.


  • the generation rising up to take our place with selfless faith.
  • the generation whose hearts break for what breaks God’s, and who love justice, show mercy, and walk humbly with Him.
  • undone, worthy of being killed, and followed out of curiosity.
  • getting beyond ourselves and out of our comfort zones to witness passionately and bring the lost to Christ.
  • the generation that preaches always and uses words if necessaary.
  • an aircraft carrier, not a cruise ship!
  • a team, siblings in Christ, and the wildfire spreading across the world.
  • Generation Revolution, and I’m excited to see what God’s got in store!

Afer this, I wrote Possible “theme songs” and included this list:

Uhm… That’s about all I’ve got for you now.

I ❤ CHIC, and would love to go back in 2012! I’m too old to go as a student anymore, and I’m not sure I want to go as a chaperone. I’m hoping a friend of mine will be speaking and let me come along as part of her “entourage.” ;P

My family’s hosting a girl’s night this week for some of the young ladies in our youth group. I’m excited! =)