I ❤ Jonny Diaz’s song “More Beautiful You” (linked in severalblog potst as well as my Beautiful Music page), and now that he’s co-written a book (with a female relative???), I HAVE TO HAVE IT.


“A Study in True Beauty” is EXACTLY what I need for this blog. I mean, seriously. I’m on a missino to discover what True Beauty really is, so why not?

And it’s a ten-pack. I could donate the other nine to church or something.

So, that’s my freak-out for the day.

In other news, in exactly one week I will be hanging out with my favorite cousin and her family before my cousin and my dad participate in a Triathlon. We’ll leave next Friday morning and the Tri is Saturday morning. I’m gonna hang out with my cousin’s kids and her husband. 🙂

I’m thinking that since we’ve got leftover posterboard from an event that never happened, I’ll make Operation Beautiful signs for the run/bike/swimmers! Who doesn’t like to be encouraged when they’re trying really hard??

I’m hoping to bring my laptop with me for the weekend, but we’ll see.

Oh, and on Thursday my parents and I are heading to the college to which I will transfer after next school year. Get to chat with a counselor and make sure I’m on track for Junior year!

Rather short post compared to others, but I do have to work tonight. Woot. In fact, must leave, like soon, so have a beautiful evening!