If I ever have a daughter, I might just name her Rhema.

I almost hate to say it, but actually, I might name my dog or cat Rhema. Since I may never have kids. Haha.

I’m gonna name SOMETHING Rhema.


Because of Rhema Marvanne.

She is beautiful, inside and out.

She’s seven, and sings gospel songs to share Jesus.

I love her.

I want to meet her.

She got to meet Gerard Butler and be in his new movie Machine Gun Preacher (scheduled for release September 2011).


Of the fact she can actually sing, and the fact she met a celeb.

Again, she’s beautiful.

She was baptized last fall, less thana year after her mother died of ovarian cancer.

She is such a mature, sweet young lady.

I want to put her picture in the dictionary next to “Beauty.”

No joke!

I cannot stop listening to this:


…Just wanted to share that with you.

Rhema is inspirational, and someday I’m going to meet her.

Have a beautiful night!