That was what a friend of mine wrote by way of comment on my new profile pic on Facebook.

And I quote: “You are really pretty. You know that? :)”

And I said “Awwwww, that’s so sweet! I’m learning that, yes. 🙂
You’re pretty pretty, too! =D”

It’s amazing how one little random comment can have that affect.

But seriously, it is the little things.

This afternoon (or rather, yesterday afternoon, seeing as it’s after midnight) I was watching MTV’s “If You Really Knew Me” [link] and it made me cry.

These high school kids (Juniors and Seniors, I think) who weren’t so sure about “Challenge Day” were pleasantly surprised to find themselves crying as they shared and learned each other’s stories.

They stepped up after that.

They went home changed.

They hung out with kids they didn’t before.

They mended relationships with family members.

It was really cool.

They didn’t know this stuff about each other before, and some of it was little stuff.

And even just a hug meant the world to them after Challenge Day.

A smile was all the encouragement they needed.

The little things can often be the biggest things in someone’s day.

I don’t remember where I was going with this originally, but it’s late (early?) and I need sleep, but I wanted to share while it was still pretty fresh in my head. Even though IYRKM was on at like noon and the “you’re pretty” thing happened an hour ago.


Oh, the girl who commented? She struggles herself. She’s beautiful and funny and smart, but she’s hard on herself and … yeah, she has some stuff going on that isn’t so great. But I love her lots, and I try to randomly remind her of that. When she posts something sad on Facebook, I pounce and remind her that I’m around if she needs me, that I love her and pray for her.

I hope someday it breaks through.

I have a feeling it’s saved her life on a few occasions.


And I’m thankful for that, that with the occasional Facebook comment I’m changing someone’s life.

I’m going to keep doing it for a long time, because it probably does save lives.

Okay, I’m done rambling incoherently now.

Off to my bed!

(Haha, get it?? …Never mind.)