Soo, I went shopping today.

With my parents.

After we went to a doctor’s appointment and talked to a counselor at the school to which I am transferring next fall.

We went to Kohl’s between appointements and then again after. Except they were in different towns (suburbs, kinda). Lol.

Anyway, since discovering Operation Beautiful, I’ve been carrying this little book of post-its in my purse and sticking them up when I get the urge. Like today at Kohl’s. I took a second to stick one in a dressing room and snap a photo of it. Except for the post-it didn’t stay on the wall, so I left it on the bench in the corner.

What did it say?

Why, this!

Go Fish lyrics

The lyrics are from Go Fish’s “You’re My Little Girl”: When you’re lookin’ in the mirror, I hope you’re likin’ what you see. ‘Cause no matter what you’re feelin’, you’re perfect to me!”

Sure, they’re geared more for little kids, but they’re cute songs! And these particular lyrics are super for OpB. =)

Anyway, I left this in the Kohl’s we went to between appointements, and then didn’t get a chance to leave any at the other Kohl’s. =(

But that’s okay. I might’ve brightened one person’s day!

What’s ironic is that I left this note telling someone that they’re beautiful, and yet I felt uncomfortable in most of what I tried on.

Plaid? No way.

The more dressy, flowy tops? Forget it.

The first swim suit I tried? Too revealing.

But I did manage to find a sort-of dressy shirt that looks pretty good, and a swim suit top and shorts. My dad approves of the top, which is one of the most important things. If Dad doesn’t like it, I ain’t wearin’ it. Granted, I wouldn’t wear a bikini to begin with, because they’re way too revealing and uncomfy for my taste, but if I was going to wear one, my dad would probably kill me. =\

Anyway. Irony whilst shopping and leaving notes. Interesting day.

Have a beautiful evening!