Um, I went to Target and bought To Save A Life yesterday. And then watched it with my sister and two friends.

It’s an amazing movie, and if you haven’t seen it yet, GO RENT IT. Or actually, go BUY it. It’s amazing. It will change your life.



What else was I going to say?



I went to the lake last night with some girlfriends.

It’s been forever since all four of us have been together, and a long time since I’ve talked to the one girl. Riding in her car was fun.

Except that we didn’t know where this lake was, exactly, so we ended up calling four different people for directions.

We spent an hour and a half looking for a public water access that we passed several times.

Turns out, we were probably on the wrong side of the lake.

The access we found had a “no swimming” sign up and only consisted of a dock and a boat ramp.

So we went to one of the girls’ houses for like an hour instead.

We drove around (in three different cars) looking for a lake and by the time we got to the “right” place, it was cooling off and we didn’t feel like swimming anyway.

But at least it was a fun adventure! =P

And I got to hang out with three beautiful girls.

Actually, when we got to the one girl’s house, we hung out in her room, where the girl that I had ridden with decided that one of her school pictures was not attractive and needed to come down.

And this girl has ALWAYS been beautiful. Like, when she was little, she was freakin’ adorable. And yet here she is complaining about a couple of pictures.

I mean, I hate my school photos, too, but that’s because I don’t think I’m particularly beautiful.

Which is what this blog is trying to change, yeah?

So, it was kind of different to hear her complain.

But at the same time, I’m sure plenty of other “beautiful” people complain about their pictures, too.

It’s kind of a crap cycle that needs to stop.

And that’s what Caitlin tries to do with Operation Beautiful.

She’s going to be on The Today Show tomorrow, August 5th, at like 8:30 AM in NYC. Which I think translates to 7:30 AM my time. I’m hoping to set my alarm for seven so I can watch TTS and catch the segment!!

Also, I preordered the book from Amazon, so I’m excited for when it gets here!

I may make it part of my blogging experience, too.

…I need to get back into the Captivating thing… Heh.

I haven’t been reading it the way I said I would.


I’ll get back to it soon!!

I hope…

Anyway, wanted to share TSAL and OB news, as well as a tiny bit of personal realization.

Have a beautiful day! ❤