So, Operation Beautiful was on The Today Show this morning. I woke up just before 7 and sat through randomness and stupid weather updates every five freaking minutes.

Anyway. I thought it was on at 7:30 here, which was wrong. So I watched for an hour and a half until the OB clip, and it was AWESOME. 🙂

You can find it here as well as on the OB site.

Then this evening when I checked Healthy Tipping Point, I found out about Gap’s new ad. (See this article for starters.)

I emailed them that they needed to get rid of it. Because Caitlin said I could! =)

Click to enlarge. It was too big before.

So. Yeah. If you want to, go ahead and email Gap ( and tell them to get rid of the ad.

ALSO. I was watching The Tyra Show (rerun) this afternoon and this ep featured six of the main cast members of The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Tyra was talking to the girls (Francia, Shailene, and Megan) about body image. Iguess Francia was only 65 poounds throughout junor high, and only 85 in high school. High metabolism. Can’t gain weight.

The other girls, too.

They’re not anorexic, just don’t gain weight.

I thought that was interesting.

And Francia said that when people would tell her she looked skinny, she would eat more.


So yeah. Media.