Today is the 21-month anniversary of my best friend’s death.

Today is also the 18th birthday of a kid I know from church.

Today is also the day Love Bomb bombed Bria, someone struggling with depression.

Today is also the day that To Save A Life informed me the movie has saved lives. Via both email and Facebook.

Today is also the day I realized that I am so much harder on myself than I need to be, that I need to let up and stop holding grudges.

I need to stop keep records of my wrongs.

I need to stop belittling myself for pointless little mistakes.

I need to stop freaking out and worrying about EVERY LITTLE TINY THING.

I need to take a step back, take things as they come, and for once, actually LOVE MYSELF.

And maybe so do you.

Today, let’s promise to take a step back and find positives in life.

I did that for a week a few months ago, and it changed my perspective.

I should do it again.

Join me?