I forgot to post yesterday. Oops!

Friday (yesterday)’s positives included

And today’s are

  • sleeping in (until 11:30?!)
  • stopping at work on my day off to buy shampoo. Cheap. Heck yeah.
  • while at work, talking to a coworker and watching another coworker trying to change a lightbulb
  • stopping at the Christian book store and purchasing my first Jonny Diaz CD!

Four a day. Sound good to you? Sounds good to me. : )

Lately, I’ve been posting quotes from the OB book as my Facebook status. Three in the last 24 hours, actually, as I reread the book. I’m on page 114 right now.

“Refrain from making judgements about yourself or other people based on appearance. Realize that complimentary statements about someone’s looks (“You look great! Have you lost weight?”) can be just as damaging as Fat Talk. Focus on personalities and achievements, not dress size (Boyle, 51).”

“But if Barbie was alive, her waist would be smaller than a woman with severe anorexia nervosa. Barbie’s body weight would be so low that she would be unable to menstruate (Boyle, 52).” She’d be top-heavy and wouldn’t be able to stand, and she wouldn’t be able to have kids. Do you really want to be like Barbie? “True… beauty has nothing to do with Barbie. You are beautiful just as you are!”

‎”Be critical of how beauty is presented in the media. The vast majority of photographs in fashion and entertainment magazines have been digitally altered–legs lengthened, thighs trimmed, and waists shrunk. Do you realize the hair in shampoo commercials is computer generated? Inspect advertisements or magazin covers …and ask yourself if the image is realistic (Boyle, 62).”

The book is changing my perspective a little bit.

It’s really cool.

You should read it if you haven’t.

And Jonny Diaz (pronounced Die-az, not Dee-az) is awesome. I’m hoping to get a couple more of his CDs for Christmas, perhaps… ;P

Anyway. Just wanted to share my positives. : )

(And yes, I think that’s my new ending phrase. Get used to it.)