Today, I did not hang out with friends after church.

Not very long, anyway.

I hung out long enough to chat with a couple of people, and then came home.

I have not yet eaten lunch.

I should.

But first, a recap of my Sunday!

  • Woke up and showered. I was the only one awake in the house for a bit because my sister was still asleep, my dad was doing a Triathlon, and my mom (and our foreign exchange student friend! –who has been here for like two weeks…) went to watch him.
  • Did nothing. Or rather, checked email, Facebook, and ate a bowl of dry cereal.
  • Headed to church, where I got leftover silly putty stuck to the bottom of my shoe. Awesome. =P
  • Sang and listened to the pastor talk about David and Consequences.
  • Oh, also, got a new bracelet! One of those LiveStrong types? Yeah, I’ve got three of that style (different words) on my wrist right now. Out of… four, at least. I had a lot at one point.
  • Talked and laughed with a friend, and the worship pastor (herein referred to as WP).
  • Came home and checked email and Facebook again.


Songs for this morning included

Now I’m watching Brad Stine again. Because he’s cool.

Day’s only half-over; I’ll probably discover more positives as the day goes on!

…Just wanted to share. : )