All right, I’m pretty sure if I ever buy a dog, I might have to name him Hosea.

This is crazy. Def a God thing.

First, while reading through Captivating (John and Stasi Eldredge) today, I read a few verses from Hosea.

And then tonight, after checking out an article on how to win Jonny Diaz‘s book, I was clicking through the websites of the other commenters, and found this amazing lady! Through her Facebook “fan page”, I found this photo, and it HAD to be God.

Here, read:

Therefore I am now going to allure her;
       I will lead her into the desert
       and speak tenderly to her.

~Hosea 2:14

Angela’s version says “wilderness” instead of “desert”, but whatever.

Captivating (rather, Stasi [they switch off writing]) talks about Hosea 2:6-7, 2:14,  and 2:16 & 19 in Chapter 7, Romanced.

I’m pretty sure this is God telling me something.

What do you think He’s telling me?

I rather agree with Stasi:

“He does this, as we said, in order to wear us out, get us to turn back to him in thirsty longing. Then he begins to woo us. He often takes us aside from every other source of comfort so that he alone can have our heart’s attention.” (Referring to 2:6-7)

In reference to 2:14, she says “And it is here that we begin to experience him not as the God-way-up-there, not the God-of-Sunday-morning, but as the pursuer of our hearts. As Lover.”

2:16 and 19

“In the spacious love of God, our souls can lie down and rest. This love from him is not something we must struggle for, earn, or fear to lose. It is bestowed. He has bestowed it upon us. He has chosen us. And nothing can separate us from his love. Not even we, ourselves. We are made for such a love. Our hearts yearn to be loved intimately, personally, and yes, romantically. We are created to be the object of desire and affection of one who is totally and completely in love with us.
And we are.
An intimate relationship with Jesus is not only for other women, for women who seem to have their acts together, who appear godly and whose nails are nicely shaped. It is for each and every one of us. God wants intimacy with you. In order to have it, you, too, must offer it to him.”

Did you read that right?

God wants YOU.

Let that sink in for a minute.

I know I certainly don’t tell myself that enough in a day. “I’m always wallowing in my mistakes,” as a song I know says. “You come to me and everything’s okay. It’s something ’bout the way I’m feelin’ when You say You love me. Your words are ringin’ over and over, changing everything I thought I knew. I know of a love that’s true and it’s all because of You!”

I think that each day, when I get up, or when I screw up (or both), I need to step back and remind myself that, “Hey guess what? God loves me anyway!!”

…Thought I’d share. 🙂