(“What the crap?”)

Have you seen THIS?


I found this after perusing blogs, which led me to this post, which led me to Jezebel (see “THIS”).


So, as I did with Gap (whose returne email I dumped in my Trash), I emailed the company and told them to find a different way to advertise their product.

What I actually wrote was as follows:

“So, I just read something about your recent ads, and both of them are appalling.
A) it IS possible to be “too thin.” (see “anorexia” in the dictionary)
B) skinny doesn’t always “feel good.”
Take a look at anorexics. No matter how skinny they are, most of them still feel terrible about themselves.
Or take people who are (or feel) overweight. How do you think they feel, reading “Hey, guess what? You’re too fat! But do [this] and and you could feel better about yourself!”?
Or take people who have lost weight but still feel fat. They may be at the right body weight, but they still don’t feel good about themselves, because they’re still focusing on the fact that “I’m FAT.” It takes time to feel good as a skinny person.
Heck, it takes time to feel good about yourself PERIOD. I’m what’s considered “skinny” and I don’t always feel good about myself!
Could you find another way to advertise your product that’s a little more sensitive and a little less demeaning?
Something that doesn’t make people feel like crap?
A lot of people would appreciate it.”

If you want to, email info@pretzelcrisps.com and tell them how you feel about their stupid ads.

Just had to let that out.