I was just watching 19 Kids and Counting, and now I’m on to NICU.

My Facebook status currently reads “Thank You, God, for whoever came up with the idea for a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. And thanks, Discovery Health, for documenting some powerful stories with NICU.”

Again, thanks. Because like Josie and the babies on NICU, I was a preemie. I mentioned it in my new “Biogrimony” page, but I’ll say it again here: I was born at just 28 weeks, three months early. I weighed just over a pound and a half and was TINY. My mother had toxemia, and so I had to be delivered or else it could’ve been BAD.

Mom was rushed to a hospital two hours from where we currently live for a C-section, and I stayed in that hospital for nearly three months before I was transferred to the local hos for about a week and a half.

It was a scary three months for my parents, and I know that what the parents on NICU are dealing with must suck, too.

I think someday I might want to meet Josie Duggar (maybe in Heaven), and also visit with NICU mommies and daddies. Just because.

But think of all the support my parents had! Our church family prayed daily for me—-a few of them still remind me of it from time to time. One guy likes to comment on how tiny I was and how much I’ve grown—-almost EVERY time he sees me. 😛

And the Duggars are a praying family. They prayed daily, if not hourly, for baby Josie. And they had tons of people around the world praying with them, too, because of their show.

I don’t know how many of the NICU parents pray for their kids, what they believe, but you have to hold on to SOMETHING during times like those.

Here is a list of verses on prayer and its power, and here is a list of verses on being strong in Christ, etc.

Isn’t it funny that we turned away from God so much, but when something huge and scary happens, we’re all “WHERE’S GOD????” Just listen to Brad Stine’s interpretation of it. Now, I know people are laughing where they maybe shouldn’t, but oh well.

But we do that. I do that. I shove God away, and then freak and “HOLYCRAPCOMEBACK.”

But guess what?

He never left.

Over and over, God tells us He’ll never leave nor forsake us.

See Deuteronomy 31:6, Deut 31:8, and Joshua 1:5, among others.

So how can we say “Where’d You go?” “Why’d You leave me?”

I mean, sure, He lessens His presence (check out the other versions of the verse, too!) on occasion (see also: this article, or this one, or this one (and check out some of David’s Psalms!) — or Google “when God leaves you” or something), but He doesn’t “leave” in the way we may think. The articles explain it better than I can. Sorry! I’m not exactly a theologian. I’m not even sure I spelled that correctly! Lol.

But I DO know that I’ve felt alone. Part of it is because I’m not where I should be in my Walk, but part of it might be God throwing me a curveball. I also know that, when I feel far from God, there’s SOMETHING—-usually something pretty small—-that brings me back. (See Britt Nicole’s Coming Back to You.)

…I think I’m done sharing now….


And yes, that’s really me.