Even when they involve being frantic whilst helping at church (didn’t get to practice something that should’ve been practiced) and being super tired from sleeping only five hours on the couch and having trouble working a borrowed belt that shouldn’t have been invented. LOL.

Positives of the day are:

  • Helping at church (even though it meant getting up at seven and being stressed out).
  • Singing along (kinda) to awesome songs!
  • Listening to a sermon on Hoarding and how we do it in our own lives.
  • Being thanked for helping out at church.
  • Being told people liked the end result of the project I mentioned on…Friday?
  • Listening to a song I’ve only heard a few times and yet remember the lyrics to.
  • Singing along to aforementioned song (even though I can’t sing).
  • Hugging friends.
  • Meeting a new young lady about my age!
  • Laughing with friends and the youth pastor at YP’s house.
  • Eating “chicken bowls” inspired by KFC.
  • Watching Food Network.
  • Playing UpWords.
  • Making YP feel awkward by explaining that I couldn’t undo my borrowed belt and really had to pee…
  • FINALLY managing to undo the belt (borrowed from my dad. Which I’m never borrowing again!).
  • Popcorn and a small Strawberry Banana smoothie (not that I care about the nutritional value) from Caribou!
  • Listening to JJ Heller’s Your Hands, among other things. (I want JJ to come to CHIC 2012!)

Yep. Pretty good Sunday.

Sundays tend to be more positive-filled for some reason.

Maybe because I hang out with friends.


Now to cruise the Net!

Oh, hey, before I do that…

Check out this video.

I’ve been hearing this song on the radio lately, and until a few minutes ago, I didn’t know what it was called or who sang it. Now I do. : )

Oh, and I’m doing some thinking for this fall at church. I’m rather excited! After last year, I know I need to change. Be calmer. Have more patience.

School starts (for me) again this week. Erg. But I’ll live!

Who knows? Maybe I’ll even break out of my bubble and make some new friends (because let’s face it, most of my friends were Post Secondary Education and are now freshmen at other colleges.) and… stuff… =\

And in a couple of weeks Youth Group starts up again! Which, as I said above, I am excited for. : )

Also, this should be my new theme song.

…Glad to share with ya. : )