When I don’t fit in and I don’t feel like I belong anywhere; when I don’t measure up to much in this life, oh, I’m a treasure in the arms of Christ ‘cause I’m forgiven. I’m forgiven. And I don’t have to carry the weight of who I’ve been ’cause I’m forgiven. — Sanctus Real, “Forgiven” (AKA my new theme song)

This was my Facebook status 12 hours ago.

I shared the video just now on my Facebook wall.

As I typed “this is my life” in the description box, I couldn’t help but remember the lyric, “let my lifesong sing to You,” from Casting Crown’s song.

It got me thinking, “What exactly is a lifesong?”

The song of your life?

I have a lot of those, but “Lead Me” is especially it right now.

Our youth pastor a few weeks ago spoke on the songs we sing through life–not specific songs, but whether or not we’re happy or sad or in anguish or…whatever.

And then yesterday morning at church he went back to that idea, sort of, but mentioning the meaning of lyrics. He talked about how we can sing a song, but not really understand or believe it.
(Idk why my font is now small and bold. I hit the wrong button or something.)

I know how that goes. I have had times when I’ve been singing along in church and then go, “Wait a second, I don’t mean this. I need to stop singing.”

And then there are other times (moreso recently) that I’ve had this sense of … something, and I’ll raise my hands.

I noticed YP raising a hand yesterday morning, along with one or two other people. They’re the ones who mean it, the ones who understand and believe what they’re singing and who have that same sense of whatever it is I get, almost like we can’t get close enough to Jesus or something.

Does that ever happen to you?

Do you ever have moments where you’re so convicted, so free, that you have to raise an arm and praise?

I’ve started feeling it more lately, and I’m thinking it’s because I’m growing in my knowledge, actually paying attention to the lyrics and they’re resonating with me.

Granted, I don’t raise my arms every time I get that feeling, and I don’t raise them all the way over my head (practically straight up in the air), but I’m getting there.


One of the songs we sang yesterday was David Crowder Band’s “How He Loves Us“.

To be honest, had I been down in the sanctuary as opposed to helping upstairs, I probably would’ve had that “raise your hands” feeling.

I wonder if it would be possible to turn How He Loves, Forgiven, Alone, and a few other songs into kind of an addition for a lesson at church…?

I think this is the real reason I didn’t go away to college.

I thought it was because I wasn’t financially or emotionally ready.

Maybe it’s because I wasn’t spiritually ready.

And I’m grateful.

See? I’m still learning.

Staying in my hometown for two years and helping out at church was what I was supposed to do, I’m pretty sure.

God really does work in mysterious ways.

He’s got a bigger picture we can’t see; we just have to trust Him.

(Side note: Ginny’s “Call Me Beautiful” (lyrics here) is pretty good, too.)

That’s what I’ve been learning.

Thought I’d share. : )