You see no photos of her, because that would probably mortify her, but I have this friend who decided this morning that she wishes she was pretty. That was her Facebok status, “wishes she could be pretty.”

Are you freaking kidding me?

So, like any good Operation beautiful agent, I POUNCED.

Here’s my reply:

And now, a little while later, this pops up:

That “like” is, obviously, me. 🙂

So, yeah. I jumped.

Whenever I notice that this friend is feeling like crap, I jump on her.

Not literally, but I comment on her status and stuff.

Maybe I should lend her my OB book?



Did I post positives last night?

I don’t think I did.

So, Monday’s positives were

  • laughing with coworkers
  • doing deliveries (had the manager ride with so I knew what I was doing!)
  • uhm…. watching TV, I guess.
  • giggling at an email I received.
  • uhhhh…listening to music

I don’t remember what else I did yesterday.

I started school. My math prof is nice. That’s good.

Oh, and I know like four other people in my math class!

Uhm, today I went to two classes.

Right after each other.

In the same room.

And it’s what’s called ITV, interactive television, which means that the school’s two campuses are connected via high-tech web cam.

My first class, the prof is on the other campus.

My second class, the prof is on my campus.

It’s kinda weird, but I’ve had a class like this before, so I’m a little more used to it than some are.

I have History and Visual Communications.

I like both professors, but I’m more interested in the Vis Comm class than I am in my Hist class. But I have to have Hist to be able to graduate/transfer, so… Plus, taking this one here gets me out of a class after I transfer–meets the requirements and I don’t have to take a certain class.

Anyway. Classes have gone fine, and now I have to get movin’! I’m busy for the next few hours. Hopefully I’m home in time to watch Covert Affairs!! It’s freaking Auggie’s Episode, and I’ve been waiting like all freaking month for it to air!! =D