Of both content and mal.

School. Professors seem like good people. Homework sucks. Information overload.

BUT today as I was leaving school, I ran into a friend I haven’t talked to in a while. She had a two-hour break between classes (today; one was cancelled) and so I hung out with her and talked.

We talked about our respective church activities, and school, and work, and things that annoy us, and things that make us giggle… It was a good time!

I think God knew I needed it.

See, I was going to go to the library to return a book from a dropped class.

Had I not been going that way, I wouldn’t have crossed paths with my friend!

And I wouldn’t have gotten to know what she was thinkin’ and feelin’–she’s at about the same place I am, in regards to working with kids. It was nice to be able to bounce things off of each other.

Also, I talked to a “coworker” at work study today. Mostly about school. Was kinda neat. : )

So, those were the positives so far today.

Last night was good, too. Had a meeting that went pretty well, and I stuck around to talk to a couple of people after. I helped unload Gatorade (I am a PRO at stocking coolers!) and discussed a little bit of Fall info. I asked if I was allowed to come hang out Sunday mornings (Sunday school) and was told that, yes, I’d be a good one to have around. Kinda gave me warm fuzzies, knowing that somebody believes in me and appreciates having me around.

Also this morning, I checked Facebook when I got to school (yay for Internet on phones!) and noticed a “thank you” from someone I rarely speak to. Which was cool. So totally made my day.

And… yeah. I have another meeting tonight, which will hopefully go well.

Have to do homework… Ugh.

And maybe take a nap.

And eat supper.

I suppose I could do homework after my meeting…

But, there you have it. My sharing for the day!