Sooooo, this morning (tomorrow morning, for her), I commented on the lovely Miss Rachel’s blog.

There’s still time on this Thursday to Love Bomb the dear. : ) There are a couple hundred comments at least, I would guess. We can always use more. : )

Aside from that, today’s a little “blah.”

Had History and Vis Comm. Lots of note-taking.


But that’s okay.

In Hist, it was mostly the prof talking. Which was fine.

I was super-tired though, and at one point I put my head down on the table and the girl next to me was all, “ARE YOU OKAY???”

Well, no, not completely, but I’ll be okay later.

Vis Comm rolls around and we take more notes and look at paintings and watch a clip from Bladerunner (or is it Blade Runner?)…

Also discussed Lord of the Rings while talking about intertextuality.

Tired, but got through it.

Really tired lately. Kind of annoying.

Last night’s meeting went fine. Some new ideas and stuff.

And when I was done at school, I went to work study for an hour.

Now I’m home trying not to fall asleep.

And freaking out over the fact that I forgot I was going to go to school early tomorrow to finish something for my math class but I’ll only have like ten minutes.

I’ll figure it out. Won’t take me too long, and my class isn’t too far from the library.


That’s an update.