So, today I found out that Rachel (who we Love Bombed on Thursday) wrote a quick little “thank you” post.

She left me a personal thank-you, which was sweet, but she also posted a thanks on her blog, which I thought was great.

You can read that here.

So that’s one positive for the day.

Another one is that I had the day off!!

I’d have been getting home right now if I’d worked today.

I also have next weekend off, which is different. I should work next week, but there’s a new kid, so I guess he’s working his first Saturday next week?

Um, what else?

Oh, YESTERDAY’s positives!!

  • Returned my photog book (got full price back for it!!)
  • Worked with a kid from church (awkward conversation… LOL)
  • Uhm… Worked practically all day, which means a larger paycheck… : )
  • Finished my homework JUST IN TIME for class!

I think that’s about it for yesterday’s good stuff.

Today isn’t quite over yet, so I’m sure there’ll be more later.

I started my application for BU today!

I applied already, in like Senior year, but since I’m transferring in and it’s been two years, I need to redo it?

So. Yeah. Working on that.

Also trying to get myself to read a few chapters for homework.

TOMORROW I’m going to our church’s first service to watch my BFF K play flute during one (or more) of the songs!

Last week after service she looked at me and asked, “Are you coming to first service next week?”

Me: “Are you playing flute?????”

K: *nods*

Me: “Yes. =DDD”

So. I’m going.

Our other BFFs have already gone back to school, so they won’t be there. : (

But I will! Because I’m lame and go to community college. Lol.

Also, I’ll be keeping K company during the first service—which, so you know, is more “traditional,” and full of “old” people.

So we need some younger respresentation.

And we’ve got this thing called the Front Row Club—a group of us who sit in the very first row of the sanctuary.

We started it…Junior year? When the worship pastor challenged us to. We used to sit in the second row, but one day soon after the WP’s fam got here, we had them over for lunch and he challenged me to get my friends to sit in the front row. So the next Sunday, we did, and we’ve been doing it ever since! …Minus a few Sundays when we’ve been forced to sit in the second row.

Speaking of second row, the younger kids (high schoolers, anyway) started sitting in the second row, and called themselves the Second Row Club.

They think they’re cooler than the FRC, but no. We sat in the second row at first, but then we decided it was lame and that front row was better.

So…yeah. Sometimes there’s a little argument over which row is better, but COME ON.

The FRC has freaking LEG ROOM, man.

And the YP (youth pastor) sits with us. We must be cool. ; D


I’ll be gone for like four again tomorrow. But a 7:30 wake-up call will be worth it. =D

I need to get back into devotionals.

My BU app wants you to check boxes that apply to you, and a couple of the ones I haven’t yet checked are about having devotions and stuff.

I’m hoping that this fall I’ll get back into the habit.

I received a couple of devo books as Grad presents, but I just wasn’t into them at first. Maybe I’ll have to dig them back out.

I read the Max Lucado one for a couple of days or a week or something, and then I gave up.

I got My Utmost for His Highest, too, and that one seemed too over-my-head.

But maybe now I’ll find it more relevant.

Or I could go get a couple girl-centered books from the Christian book store in town. I flipped through them a few weeks ago and thought they’d be cool.

They’re like a series, kinda, and I think they’d be good.

Also, I told a lady at church about Jonny Diaz’s True Beauty book and she wondered if I’d read it yet.

Well, no. The local book store won’t get it ’til September, and I was sort of hoping to get it as a Christmas gift…

But anyway. That one I’ll have to try, too!

I think I just have to find one that I’m interested in and stick with it.

And I’ve heard that you’re not supposed to beat yourself up if you miss a day, but… I kinda do…

So, I’m working on it.