So, today was almost a typical Sunday.

But not quite.

I went to church for the early (8:30) service to hear K play flute (and pennywhistle!!) during a couple of songs.

Then we hung out after service to talk to people.

We went downstairs to find muffins, and I ended up eating a cookie.

After I helped wash dishes.


And then we went upstairs for second service, which was great.

Then we hung out at church for a bit.

Then we went to my house to eat enchiladas!

Then we watched A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel!

…Well, not all of them. I’d seen some of AVPM, so we just watched the parts I hadn’t seen. Then we watched the fisrt act or so of AVPS before K had to go home. And then I watched the rest of it by myself. : P

My Facebook status currently reads:

: I don’t want to see you go, but it’s not forever, not forever. Even if it was, you know that I would never let it get me down. ‘Cause you’re the part of me that makes me better, wherever I go, so I will try not to cry, ’cause no one needs to say goodbye. ~ Oh, Very Potter Sequel… 🙂

This morning’s songs (I’ve got both services written down) included:

A couple of these (…the not-linked ones…) were written by people from our church or people our church people know.

Our sermon today was on David, still, the Ultimate Reality.

I heard it twice, and both times something struck me.

God doesn’t dwell on our failures. God doesn’t drag up the past.

Those were two things I wrote down after our pastor “made the point” that God is forgiving.

He talked about how you can have a line going that way, and it’s infinite. Same with a line going the other way. And that’s how far away from us God has put our sins.

See Psalm 103:12 and 1 John 1:9.

That’s HUGE.

God forgives us.

I have trouble accepting that, because I can’t forgive myself.

I’ve often said that if love keeps no record of wrongs, then I must not love myself, because I have so much trouble forgiving myself for things.

When other people upset me, the feeling lasts maybe a week and then is gone.

When I screw up, the feeling never really fades.

When I do something stupid, or try to convince myself that I’m (good, happy, kind, whatev), the mistakes come flooding back and I feel like crap.

Which is something I need to work on.

And something that I need to give to God.

Now I’m watching Bridezillas and avoiding homework. Lol.

I should be reading a chapter for Math, and a chapter for Vis Comm, and probably a few for Intro, buuuut…

I’m putting it off.

I slept on the couch again last night.

When we moved me into the basement, we didn’t think about the proximity to the TV on weekends when my sister might have movie marathons.

And so far, it’s been on nights where I’ve had to get up early the next day.


So, we’ll see how it goes.

Also, the final girl of the foursome (K, who came over today) goes back to school this week. : (

Sooooo I’m all alone now.

But they’ll be back for some weekends and holidays, so I’m no totally alone.

And I’ll be hanging with the Confirmation kids.

So Fall should go all right.

(*crosses fingers*)

So, here’s hoping.