So, I know this is maybe earlier than usual, but I was checking Healthy Tipping Point and decided to check out this BlogHer thing.

Through BlogHer, I found Phylicia.

That was a blessing.

I’d like to meet Phlicia someday, and have her come to our chuch, but if I understand correctly, she only travels around her home state, which is a few away from me. 😦

But anyway. I plan on checking out her blog pretty regularly. 🙂

Also, I’ve changed the style of my blog.

Mostly because I wanted it to include the time I’m posting stuff.

But also because color is cool. 🙂


Quick update for the morning.

I have to get going!!

Have some reading to do before school (thank You, God, for college schedules!), and then have to get to school.

But first I should probably get ready for school…


I’m still wearing my pajamas, and it’s 9:30 in the morning.

I don’t have to leave for another hour, though, so I’m good.

Anyway, wanted to update and link quickly before I forget about it. 🙂