I have Harry Potter ON THE BRAIN, friends.

No joke.

I watched the fan-made musicals yesterday, and today, when I drove our Exchange friend to the library to get the third or fourth HP book, I decided I needed to reread the series.

Or rather, reread the first book and actually read the rest.

I was allowed to read the first book (do you call it Sorceror’s Stone or Philosopher’s Stone?? Because J’s book says the latter, and here in the US it’s the former) when I was, like, 12. Or whenever the books were first published.

Then I think my parents decided I couldn’t read them anymore, but I read the first half of Chamber of Secrets anyway.


Reading the series for the first time, basically.

The first one is SO SHORT.

I seriously finished it in probably four hours. Or less. I started this afternoon and just finished it maybe a half hour ago.

Of course, I had three and a half hours of work in there, too. So, maybe only two hours…?

But I read fast to begin with.

Now I’m on to the CoS. šŸ™‚

(Does anyone know how to turn off emoticons?? I’d rather just have the colon and the parenthese if possible—WITHOUT having the space in between them.)

And I’m eating carrots and veggie dip.

I had the WEIRDEST night at work.

I had to do deliveries (my first time totally alone!) and the first one of the night took FOREVER.

And it went downhill from there.

I ended up getting back to work like a half hour later than I should have. =\



That’s not exactly why I’m doing it, although extra money as a college kid is a perk…

I work again tomorrow, but don’t have to do deliveries.

In a few days, I do, though, because the other girl who does them has something else to do that night, I guess. I dunno what, but she’s busy. So I get to deliver stuff.

We deliver mostly to nursing homes and like senior care facilities (people who have their own little apartments within a gian staffed building), and tonight at one of the homes, this guy wanted to talk to me.

I didn’t understand much of what he said, but I got that another man needed something.

Luckily the nurse helping the guy talking to me told him I needed to leave.

I felt awkward. =P

So, not my favorite night, but not terrible. At least I didn’t get into a car accident! That would’ve sucked.

So, today’s positives:

  • deliveries weren’t as terrible as I’d thought they’d be
  • reading Harry Potter
  • pretty much deciding on a topic for a school project (only the second week in and we’re doing a project!! But it’s not due ’til end of term, soo…)
  • getting a thank you from another blogger (OMG.)
  • uhm… finding Phylicia’s blog
  • hearing More Beautiful You on the radio!

Buhhhh…I think that’s about it.

Tomorrow is another day.

Another morning of cramming in a reading before class.

Another three hours spent in a classroom trying to pay attention.

Another three hours working (with a hilarious teenage boy).

Another night of avoiding homework.

Just another day in the life.

But you know what?

Lately I’ve decided to be moreĀ  positive, and this positivity should flow throughout my life, not just at certain moments.


Rejoice in the LORD always, yeah?

I have a piece of notebook paper hanging in my room that says “Today, you will be an answer to someone’s prayers!” and a few otherĀ things.

I need to really embrace that attitude.

Tonight while I was leaving one delivery spot, a woman walking past said hello.

I joked to myself that I should start wearing a shirt that says hello.

But maybe I should.

Do those exist?

Can I buy a shirt that actually just says “Hi” on the front?

That’d be AWESOME.

Then if I didn’t feel like saying it out loud, it would be on my shirt.

Or a giant necklace.

Or something that I could wear every day.

Unless I buy seven “Hi” shirts.



I’ve decided to be more friendly and more positive.

Which is hard, because I’m shy and pessemistic.

But that’s what this blog is for, right?

Changing my perspective and attitude, molding me into a more “Christ-like” person?

I think yes.

And there’s your Respectivating update for the evening.