So, remember how I said I was being positive today?

Well, so far it’s been okay.

Other than being ticked off at where my sister’s car was parked.

But whatever.

I got over it after about two minutes.


In my Vis Comm class today, we talked a lot about ethics. (And now Tyra is discussing ethics with a panel.)

Specifically, we looked at photos of the earthquake in Haiti from the New York Times’s website.

One thing that came up was happiness.

Like, one kid mentioned that even before the earthquake, Haiti was listed as basically the worst place to live, so why would it matter what it is now.

Or something.

And I wanted to argue with him.

I know this kid. He graduated a year ahead of me, and we had a couple of classes in high school together, and we’ve got a few mutual friends.

I wanted to argue with him.

Or, inform him of something.

But I didn’t, because the conversation was kind of redirected.


I wanted to bring up Ecuador.

Our church has been to Ecuador SEVERAL times in the last decade, and while I’ve never been myself, I’ve seen plenty of pictures and have met a few Ecuadorians when they’ve come to the States for things. (CHIC, and now our “favorite” Ecuadorian is up  here for school!)

I know what it’s like down there.

Most Ecuadorians don’t have the things we have.

They don’t have TVs.

(EDIT Sept. 26th, 2010) Their showers are COLD. Some of our kids bathed in the river, in which COWS hung out and probably used the bathroom.

Some of them wash their clothes in the river.

They have very little, but they’re some of the happiest people you’ll ever meet.

And yet Americans have everything we could ever dream of, and we hate life.

What the crap is up with that?

We’re ungrateful.

People in “third-world countries”, countries with not as much stuff, are happier than we are.


You learn to be content with what you’ve got.

There’s a photo of a guy in Haiti trying to take a shower (wearing shorts!). We talked about whether that was an ethical photo, like would the guy mind if his photo was out there for the world? Wouldn’t he want his privacy?

Uh, he just went through a freaking earthquake. The buildings are gone, relief stations may not have been set up where he was yet… He had to do what he had to do. And it’s not like he was totally naked. That they probably wouldn’t have included.

But anyway. It was interesting to me to think about it.

And there’s another photo of a line of people waiting for food. My eye first caught this little boy in a bright yellow shirt smiling.

He’s SMILING. While he’s waiting for food in the middle of tragedy.

Of course, he may not fully understand the extent of the situation, but still. He’s happy.

And look at people with disabilities, specifically people with Down Syndrome come to mind.

They’re so happy! They’re not like other people, necessarily, but they’re so. Freaking. Happy!

So why are the rest of us so unhappy all the time?