before I go to school. For three hours.

Um, anyway.

I was informed this morning (by someone whose blog which is listed on the Visit page you should totally visit) that my blog was a good thing.

That’s awesome.

I have no clue how much “traffic” my blog is getting so far, but there have been a couple of comments.

Also, I was alerted to an update over at Emily’s blog (also listed on the Visit page) that I totally needed this morning.

Really? How AWESOME is God??

(*now has How Awesome is the LORD Most High stuck in head*)

ALSO, I commented on a friend’s Facebook status (the friend I mentioned before who gets down on herself a lot and doesn’t think she’s pretty) that I ❤ her.

She commented back saying that she loves me too.

That was AWESOME.

Of course, being the Internet, I dunno how sincere the comment was.

But with this girl, I’m pretty sure it’s quite sincere.


Positives ALREADY this morning. I’m so THRILLED.

You have no idea.

I can’t stop smiling.

I’m dreading school and homework today (three hours of sitting in the same room? Ugh.), but hopefully…

My Facebook status currently reads:

is pretty sure today will be a good day. (Thank You, God, for encouraging emails!) “Nothing’s gonna bring me down today! Walkin’ in Your rhythm of grace!” — Now if only I can keep that attitude… Prayer would be cool.
That quotation marked part? That was something I wrote in a notebook a few years ago.
I’m really hoping that today I can keep up my positivity.
Because being positive is good.
And it’s what I’ve challenged myself to do over the last few months.
Now I have to find lunch and head to school.
Wish me luck!
And pray for positivity!