Today I had to be at school an hour earlier than usual to meet with some classmates to discuss our project.

Yeah, took us like a half hour.

Then I left the library and accessed the net on my phone. I tried to find my blog online, but was unsuccessful.

Then I came home and Googled myself via the laptop and VOILA! =)

So, probably just the phone being stupid or something.

I DID find my post about “Barbie” and stuff, but it was only in the description. Weeeeeird.


I came home and checked Healthy Tipping Point, where I found Tina, through whom I found the beautiful Miss Heather!

I’m thinking I might submit my story to Heather’s blog. Eventually. Because Faces of Beauty is a great thing. 🙂

Sooo… yeah. I need to find lunch (after 1 o’clock and I’m super hungry even though I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy and it’s rather graphic) and stuff.