I’m watching Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta, and they’re featuring a couple of indecisive brides.

I’m indecisive.

And I’m reminded of my high school Psych class.

Within the first week or so of class, we learned that you DO NOT say “I don’t know” in front of Mr. H.

If you say “I don’t know”, H stares at you, says something like, “Ohhhhhooohhhno”, and asks more questions.

If you continue to say “I don’t know”, depending on how many times and how close H is to you to begin with, you’ll eventually end up nose-to-nose with him.

It’s hilarious for those watching, but awkward for those whose spaces he’s invading.

I think I need to keep that in mind all the time.

I should get a bracelet or something that says “I don’t know” = *in your face* to remind myself of Psych.

Because H doesn’t want anyone to NOT KNOW anything. He wants an actual answer.

I need to actually give or find answers to stuff instead of always going, “I dunno!!”

Do you have anything like that in your life?

Do you think you say “I don’t know” too much?

Or do you have something else you say too much, like:

  • I’m worthless.
  • I’m stupid.
  • I don’t care.
  • Who cares?
  • This is dumb.
  • etc

We as a culture seem to be negative and uncertain. And that’s not really supposed to happen.

We’re supposed to be confident, smart, have-all-the-answers people.


Not necessarily.

We don’t have to know everything.

But we should be confident in ourselves.

No more indecisiveness!

No more negativity!

No more of this “I have to have all the answers” stuff!

You don’t need to know everything to be confident.

You just have to know yourself.

That can be tough, but it’s something I’m learning to do.

If I can do it, so can you!