Last night was good.

My dad came home and asked me what sounded good for supper.

I said pizza, because I’d kinda been wanting it all day.

And Dad goes, “I thought we could go out tonight.”

Because it was just the two of us.

And he asked what sounded good if we went out.

So I said “Applebees?”

And he goes, “Applebees??”

And I go, “Can we?”

And Dad goes *hunt for money*, and we were off!

Applebees is actually just down the street from our house, pretty much, so it wasn’t too far a drive.

We got there, were seated (at a tall table!!), and asked if we wanted drinks.

Dad got a strawberry lemonade, and I tried the mango lemonade. It was REALLY GOOD.

And then we ordered.

Dad let me go first, and then he laughs because he was gonna get the same thing.

Salad. With this shrimp that had a kick to it. Thus, I ate all my shrimp first and then ate the lettuce (and some of the avocado). I didn’t realize it was going to have such a kick, and I’m not a huge fan of spice. But it was good.

I think we spent almost $30. Twenty-six-ish, maybe? It was weird. Our meals were like $8 each (I got the half-portion salad, and Dad got the full for another dollar), and I suppose they add tax, and then there were our drinks. So I guess that’s close enough… I didn’t see much of the bill. I just know Dad let our waitress keep the change, and with the bills he gave her, she probably made $10 off of us! If not more. Which is really good, according to the tip calculator on my phone. Most tips are like $5! No wonder she looked super happy when Dad told her not to worry about change… 😀

Unfortunately, I didn’t leave an OB note. It never even really crossed my mind. D:

Next time!

And my family is out for the day, so I’m home avoiding homework.

Though I have something that I should finish and return to church tomorrow…

I stopped at the grocery store and picked up milk, per Dad’s note, and also rented a copy of the second Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. On my laptop, because our DVD player–TV connection is being dumb. Boooo, technology. Our remote won’t work. And even though I can get to the Input menu (to switch to DVD), I can’t hit “enter” to make it switch. UGH. It hasn’t worked the last couple of times we’ve tried, so we’ve been forced to just watch TV. Or, like today, use the laptop.

Before coming home to watch the movie, I stopped at Caribou and got a smoothie and a square of coffee cake! My smoothie is only about half gone at the moment, but my cake’s all gone!

I guess you call that breakfast, because all I ate before going out was a granola bar.

Now it’s time to find lunch, but first, POSITIVES.

  • eating out with Dad last night!
  • finding out Matthew Gray Gubler (Dr. Reid on Criminal Minds) also voiced Simon in the Chipmunk movies
  • watching TV
  • being home
  • watching one of aforementioned Chipmunk movies
  • spotting a friend from church at the store
  • stopping by Caribou!
  • being lazy. Lol.
  • not having to go with to something that I would’ve found boring
  • reading blog updates

Uhmm… Yeah, that’s it.

Now I need to find lunch. Because I’m kinda hungry.

Perhaps that pizza I didn’t get to eat last night…

Hope you’re having a beautiful long weekend!!