Well, I have positives and negatives for you today, but they kind of run together. Like, the sad stuff is sort of happy.

If that makes sense.


I cried during sermon today.

Today’s sermon was on Missions. “When People Go.”

Thus, the three people who just visited Ecuador spoke.

My BF L’s dad spoke about being available, ultimately. He told us two quick stories about how people’s lives were changed because the group went again.

My sister’s former soccer coach (he coahes boys now) spoke about Compassion and wanting to sponsor and help children who don’t get much to eat.

My BF-who-died-almost-two-years-ago M’s mommy talked about how M influenced her decision to go, and how M impacted a little girl when she was there in 2008 (just months before she died).

I cried during the part about M, as well as the song that followed.

I was convicted.

For a while now, I’ve been battling with the “should I or shouldn’t I” thing. I’m not sure I can make Ecaudor work.

I didn’t go the first time because I was afraid.

I could’ve raised most of the money (if not all of it).

I was afraid of being  in a different country, so far from home. Even though I would’ve been with people I knew.

Now, after doing some growing, I think I need to try to make it work.

If it can impact people (both from here and from Ecuador) so much…

Screw school.

I can start late.

BU is about serving, right? They shouldn’t care if I show up to Junior year a little late because I’m on a mission trip, right?

If it even affects school starting.

Financially, I’m still a little uncertain.

I know we can raise a lot of money for the trip if we’re willing to work at stuff.

And I do have two jobs…

But BU costs like $35K a year.

I kind of need money for school.

But hopefully I’ll get scholarships. Possibly student loans.

And work study while at school.

I’d also LOVE to go to Austria. YP wants to take people there to a camp one of his friends run. I think that’d be AWESOME. I want to go to Europe SO BADLY. And hey, maybe we could swing over to Germany and visit N and J! =) That’d be even cooler.




I had lunch with K. That was good.

And then she left for school.

I’m sad.

I’m the only regularly-attending college kid now. 😥

But we went to Subway and talked and had food. That was a plus. And I hugged her like five times today. Haha. 🙂

Also, we teased R, our Ecuadorian friend who’s up here for school for a semester. He’s here to learn more English, and we laughed so hard at some of the words I (his “host-brother”) has been teaching him. Oh, how we laughed!

So, aside from crying during sermon and K leaving me, today was an all right day.

I informed my mom that my friend’s grandma is not doing well again, and Mom told me to ask friend N if she wanted to come over for a meal tomorrow. N said that lunchtime would work better for her, depending on grandma’s health, so I’m hoping she can come over! I haven’t talked to her for a while. It’ll be good to see her again!

Oh, and I’m being kicked out of my room again tonight.

I get to sleep at the neighbor’s house.

Which isn’t all bad. If she lets me sleep in her spare bedroom, or even on the couch in the basement, I can leave the TV on! Lol. And I might be able to get Internet access (our connection) from over there. Not sure yet. So I may bring my laptop with me.

And now in a little while we’re going to visit some family we haven’t seen in I-can’t-remember-how-long. 🙂

So, there’s a bit of an update for you…