I’m listening to my sister, J, and friend B talking about boys and school and stuff.

And avoiding reading for school.

I spent last night at the neighbor’s house because the sister’s friends were here and it’s quieter over there.

I went to bed early last night! It was crazy.

And when I got home, the girls were getting up.

I was hoping one of my friends would be able to come over for lunch, but something came up and she had to cancel. 😦

We (my parents, J and I) went to my uncle’s house last night for a couple of hours to visit.

We ate cake. Around the fire. It was great.

And we visited the lady who runs the exchange program J is with. Because she lives pretty much right behind my uncle. Which is cool.


I had some fun last night, and didn’t have to put up with loud teenage girls for very long. 🙂

Tonight J is making us German food! I’m rather excited. 🙂

Tomorrow the teenagers start school. They all hate the thought of going back, and I’m like Stop complaining. You had two more weeks of summer than I did.

And our youth group activities start again on Wednesday! =D