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There are actually pro-anorexia blogs.

I just spent something like a half hour reading a few posts on a few blogs written by girls who are so desperate to be skinny and “perfect” that they’re KNOWINGLY starving themselves.

They know it’s not something everyone agrees with, but they’re doing it.

And this is the kicker: THEY’RE GETTING SUPPORT FOR IT.

I feel like spamming them with OB links.

Here, try this for irony:

This one young lady is eating little to nothing each day, and spending 2+ hours at the gym besides. And she says she didn’t ask for diet pills because they’re unhealthy. 

And STARVING yourself IS healthy?

WHERE is your brain, dear girl?

…Focused on being unhealthily skinny, apparently.

This is why I hate society.

This is why I love Operation Beautiful.

These girls weigh around what I weigh (average), and they want to be thinner.

One’s blog is even titled as, essentially, a journey to anorexia.

Like she’s endorsing it as a good thing.

I HATE this whole “MUST BE SKINNNNYY!!!!!!” thing.

Hate. It.

Add about a bazillion exclamation points for effect.

But on a positive note:

first night of Youth Group went well! =)

Ugh. It feels wrong to be posting a positive after such a negative.

I can only pray that none of my girls (not just the half dozen I had in a group last year, but ALL of them) feel they have to starve themselves to be beautiful.

(Yes, they’re MINE.)

They’re beautiful already.

So beautiful, inside and out.

They don’t have to be skin and bones to be beautiful.

I hope they know that.

They are beautiful princesses.

And our boys… Oh, our boys.

I can only pray that they understand that they are princes, that they are amazing just the way they are.