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One more.

Because I don’t feel like editing that last one.

I just discovered that Quinn, who we Love Bombed  back in July, is struggling.



Even more.

And it breaks my heart.

I told her so.

I don’t know if my comment has been approved yet or not, since I just posted it a few minutes ago, but I commented.

I saw her “Bye” post a few days ago and wasn’t sure how to respond.

Then she goes and admits that it was for real?

Oh, sweetheart.

I follow up on some of the people who’ve been Love Bombed.

Quinn and Rachel, for example. I check their blogs every few days to see what’s new.

Quinn broke my heart today (though I think it was yesterday’s post).

I want so badly to be able to help, but she’s halfway across the world and I guess all I can do is hope and pray that she makes it through.

She’s so beautiful, inside and out, and I want her to have life to the fullest, not this shell of a life she’s been living.

I want to her to feel free and beautiful and loved and important.

I want that for everyone else, too, but right now, this is Quinn’s time to pull at my heart.

You know what I want?

I want for there to be no more crap like this.

I want for the media to stop pushing peole to starve themselves because of their freaking advertisements.

I want for us to stop chasing perfection (ooooh, tie-in with last post) and to be HAPPY, DAMNIT.

I want for people to stop chasing the unattainable and to be comfortable in their own skin.

I want for people to be open with each other, to not judge, and for crying out loud, HELP.

Part of my Facebook status right now is this:

There’s so much pain in this world, and everything in me wants it to end, but I guess all I can do is let people know I’m here and I care. However much good that does. =\ (Although every little bit is supposed to help…) — So Father give me the strength to be everything I’m called to be. … Lead me, ’cause I can’t do this alone.

I want this year to be a year that I get out of my stupid little comfort zone and stop ignoring people.

Love Bomb has started helping that process along, but I need to be more proactive.

I need to seek out hurting, lost, and confused people, and help them.

That’s what Jesus came to do, right?

Seek and save the lost?

Heal the hurting?

Love the “unloveable”?

That ought to be our mission, too, right?

If we’re supposed to be God’s witnesses, why aren’t we doing it?

Get out of your comfort zone.

Help set someone free.


Let me be Your servant, no matter what the cost.

I surrender all, every part of me.

Let my life bring glroy to Your Name.

Let my heart be broken, let my soul be stirred.

Fill me with compassion, strengthened by Your Word.

Show me where You’re moving, and I’ll embrace the call.

(Send Me to the World)

There’s another song we sing, called I Belong To You, that talks about sharing Jesus with our friends. I don’t remember th exact lyrics right now, but I probably will eventually.