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I haven’t done too many of Tina‘s 30 Days of Self-Love “challenges”, but I mentioned perfection a few posts back, and after reading today’s post, I feel like sharing.

So, here goes.

Sometimes you just need…

…a night off. Thankfully, I don’t have to work tonight. It probably would’ve been boring anyway, given that there’s a football game tonight… But I really needed time off. I only worked two days this week (and all day tomorrow), but still. Oh, and I had work study Wednesday. And Youth Group Wednesday night. And granted, I’m home alone a lot due to schedules, but I really just need tonight to do nothing. No homework (my paper is NOT due tonight, as I originally thought, but I typed out most of it anyway), just the good ol’ laptop, TV and maybe some popcorn—and potentially falling asleep in front of the TV. =P

…to chat. I ran into a gal I rarely ever talk to anymore and took a few minutes out of my hectic morning to talk. In a crowded hallway. With just minutes before class started. But this friend has been struggling, and so I wanted to catch up a little. I’m crossing my fingers that she can come over for lunch or something next weekend.

…to cry. I haven’t yet, but I’m coming close. Sunday is the 22-month anniversary of my BF M’s accident. I’m getting up early to be at church at 8, and I practiced the second service songs with the singers last night (I help run the screen sometimes), and I have a feeling “Healer” is going to make me cry. First service, maybe. Different songs. Second service most likely. “How He Loves,” and maybe a few others, too.

…to sing along with the radio! Oh, let me tell you. I belted Mandisa, Sanctus, and at least two others on my way to and from class today. Even when battling a cold/sinus infection, I sing. I don’t sing well to begin with, but I do it. I sang along at practice last night, too. 🙂

…to be reminded of authority. This morning’s Devo questions were on 2 Timothy 3:16, and the questions were about what it means for the Bible to be “God-breathed” or “inspired” AND what the world and you yourself would be like without the Bible.

…to laugh. I informed my dad as we began doing the dishes toinght that I’d made more orange juice today, and metioned that in addition to stirring with a spoon, I shook the container, too. And what does Dad do? Starts belting Elvis, of course! Also today my sister’s glasses came in, and I heard Dad say they made her look intelligent. What, like she wasn’t already? Lol!

I’ve shared it before, but one of my favorite songs (currently) has to Forgiven by Sanctus Real.

I’m also really digging The Glorious Unseen. I get to see them LIVE next week!!

I really like Forever Holy, Take What’s Left of Me, and Heavy Hearted.