Well, weekend, actually.

I worked all day yesterday, and ended up delivering to a town around 30 miles from ours. In an hour or so, I’m going to there again for a picnic. Did I mention that already?


There’s that.

And there was church this morning, which went all right. It wasn’t perfect (never is), but it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been. I messed up maybe thrice the entire two services? I wasn’t really counting, but around there. So, not detrimental. Not enough to get me kicked off the crew, lol!

I was complimented in a semi-subtle way this morning, before our first service.

The rest of the media crew are guys, and most of them are at least 30-ish. There are a few teenage boys, too, but still, guys.

Anyway, one guy from the congregation came up to ask one of the media guys for something, and another of the media guys came up to say hi. The three of them teased back and forth, while I was sitting there minding my own business and paying attention to “band practice.” The one guy said something about the media guys getting more out-of-shape and there was a comment about the media crew getting more attractive. Or something. I can’t remember all of it, but essentially they were calling me attractive.

These three are all old enough to be my grandfather.

It was cute. 🙂

This has happened before, the media guys making fun of themselves not being very attractive and then kinda looking at me and saying something about the new additions or whatever. They’re fun guys. 🙂

So that was my media morning.

This afternoon my sister disappeared (working, I think, and then hanging out with church people), but J is here. And another girl from Germany (her name also starts with a J!) who’s staying with friends of ours for the year. Earlier they doing homework, and I kept hearing German and laughter. I understand very little of it, but it made me smile.

These girls hadn’t met until just last weekend, and they’re already getting along really well! They have a class together (hence the homework time) and eat lunch together.

It’s so weird to think about: these German girls didn’t know each other before their exchange program put them in the same town!

They might not have met this early in their stay if we weren’t friends with the other J’s host family.


I don’t know everyone in America.

I doubt you do.

I don’t know everyone in my school (obviously).

I don’t know everyone in my town, and there are about 20,000 of us.

I don’t know everyone in my CHURCH, and we’re a congregation of maybe 300? Give or take. I don’t know, just guessing.

Every Sunday I spot someone I don’t know, or I’ll recognize them but not remember their name. 

Today’s sermon was on growing–both on a personal level as an individual, and on a corporate level as a church.

Our pastor challenged us to

  1. Grow stronger in faith.
  2. Grow warmer in fellowship.
  3. Grow compassionate through service.
  4. Grow larger through outreach.
  5. Grow broader through mission.

He talked about how we inevitably stop growing physically, but how we can never really be done growing spiritually.

That struck me, because that is something I realized a month or so ago, that I’m never going to be done learning. There’s always something new to learn.






These are all small parts of growing up in Christ.

Pastor also said something that reminded me of this song.

And this one.

One shot.

Start here.

You’re either a missionary or a mission field.

Fill me with compassion, strengthened by Your Word. … I will go werever You would have me go.

Break my heart for what breaks Yours; everything I am for Your Kingdom’s cause.

A little love, a little kindness, little light in this time of darkness. It’ll be what makes the difference. It’ll be what makes us human.

Here am I, send me where it is You want me to go. Father I’m saying “Here am I: send me.”