Guess I forgot to post yesterday. I was actually kinda busy for a Monday…

Had to redo part of my math assignment and buy my Spanish book (FINALLY), so I stayed at school an extra … hour? Yeah, about that. Ate lunch on campus, since it was noon and I was hungry.

Then I went home for a bit before work, where I got to do deliveries. It was NOT as bad this time, and I had fun listening to the guy at my first stop talk about all the medical equipment taking up space in his house. He was nice. : ) And the rest of the stops went fine, despite not being completely sure I was going the right direction for one of them. But I was, and I got there just fine. And I only had like four more stops the second time out, and then I was done for the night and helped close up and count money.

Then I came home and started on homework. I couldn’t remember if it was due today or Thursday, so I finished and printed it this morning just in case.

Today is going to be a good day.

I’m just throwing that out there.

Sure, I have classes from noon until three and work from four until seven.

Sure, I may get bored or want to take a nap after school.

Sure, I might screw up at work.

A lot of things could go wrong.

But I’m making the decision to take each day as it comes.

I’m continuing my “one thing to be thankful for each day” thing.

I’ve forgotten to post lately, but I’ll get back into it! If I can journal in my D/C book each morning, I can get back into posting positives. : )

Here’s one already: only one more day until I get to see The Glorious Unseen LIVE.

And one more: tonight is the TWO-HOUR season finale (?) of Covert Affairs. How I enjoy Mr. Auggie and Miss Annie… =D

And in 18 days, I will be at yet another free concert, put on by a friend of the worship pastor. He was here last summer, and I went to listen. This year, I volunteered to help out during the concert. Why they need screen I’m not sure because there are no lyrics to any of their songs, but whatever. It gets me a free dinner with some cool people and a free shirt and CD! =D That wasn’t the reason I volunteered, but it’s sure a cool perk! =) I was planning on going to the concert, and when I got the email asking if I could help out, I said I would if I was needed. WP came back and said thanks for volunteering. So I get to be at church from 5 until probably nine in the 2nd of October. Woooo! These guys (father, son, and family friends or something) are I didn’t get to hang out with them last year after the concert because it was on a Friday and I had to work the next day, but this year I’m spending some time getting to know them. J’s older son C is around my sister’s age (junior or senior in high school), and the younger boy, D, likes to crawl around taking video. He’s talented. I can see him being a film producer or camera man or something. 🙂 JP, A, and the M family are cool. I like them a lot. They’re arriving Friday night, hanging out at church Saturday, and then sticking around for church Sunday. I’m thrilled that they’re going to be here!! =)

And this weekend I’m chaperoning a Junior High event. I’ll be with them from 7:15ish Friday night (whenever I get done working) until around 11 Saturday morning. YP mentioned it last week and I realized I didn’t have to work the weekend of the Lock-in this year! YAY for deciding to do deliveries and being switched on weekends! So I told YP I could be there after work Friday night and he gave me a high five. =D He double checked it with some leaders, I think, and told me on Sunday that I was “a go” for chaperoning. I’m SO EXCITED. Had you asked me to help last year I’d have said “okay” (leery and not enthusiastic), but this year I’m THERE. Like, I can’t even wait for 7PM Friday to come.

Oh, and my friend/coworker stopped me in the hall before class yesterday (she was leaving or something) and told me she got a kitty! I told her I have to come see the kitty sometime. 🙂

AND I’m getting together with a girl from school I haven’t technically met yet. She’s renting a room from a leader at church, and we decided to get together. So that’s Monday night’s plan!

Can you tell I’m excited for this year’s events? I was excited last year, but after this summer and some personal realizations and stuff, I’m SUPER excited. No joke.

This is going to be an awesome year. I don’t even want to think about leaving in a year. =(