Um, today’s been super gloomy. It was pretty much POURING rain on my way to class this morning. Ugh. Days like these make me want to crawl back into bed.

Actually, I got up (earlier than usual to finish homework I’d forgotten about!) and switched from a short-sleeved tee to a long-sleeved one. I considered going to school like that, in what I generally wear for pajamas.

But I didn’t.

I changed shirts and pulled on a pair of jeans.

I was almost late to class because it took me FOREVER to do this math homework. I’d forgotten about it ’til last night when I was laying in bed and decided to set my alarm for a half hour earlier than usual.

Well, turns out I should’ve either

A) set it for an hour earlier


B) managed my time better.

But I got it done.

And then it wasn’t even collected today.

All that rushing around for nothing. =(

But it was good that I did it, I guess.

Now I’m eating chocolate (literally my breakfast, because I didn’t eat before school) and listening to a song by the band who is performing at church in October. =)

I get to see The Glorious Unseen tonight!! LIVE. For FREE.

This makes me happy. =)

I’ll go to work study for a while this afternoon, then come home and eat something, and then head off to church for an hour before the concert. =)

And Friday night I get to chaperone! =D

You have no idea how thrilled I am.

Well, maybe you have an idea, but you can’t know for certain. =P

Last year, I’d have been excited, but I wouldn’t have been as willing.

Like, had I been asked to chaperone last year, I’d have said yes if I was able to, but I wouldn’t have had the right attitude.

This time, after this summer, I’m much more willing. I can’t even wait. I want it to be Friday night, like, NOW.

I’m practically TWITCHING with nervous energy.

Or maybe that’s the sugar. Lol.

I ate supper last night (Mom, Dad, and J were just getting ready to eat when I got home from work!), but I was hungry when I went to bed. I’m not sure why, because I ate some M&Ms while watching Covert Affairs… Weird. Maybe my stomach is growing or something. Hah.

Anyway, I’m SUPER excited for tonight and Friday. =)

And Saturday morning.

That afternoon I’ll probably be bored, because the other four are going away for the day. And I dunno if I’ll have anything to do. I may want to sleep, though, because for all I know, even though we’ll have lights out Friday (at probably 11-ish?), I most likely won’t sleep enough. =\ Sure, we’ll probably start settling down and getting ready for bed sometime before midnight, but I’m guessing I’ll lay awake for at least an hour,  if not two. And then wake-up call is probably eight or so. I’ll have to ask YP for an itinerary tonight, maybe.

But still. Too-little-sleep aside, it’s going to be GREAT. Lots of learning, playing, connecting, and of course, FOOD. Lol. =) No, the kids and relationships are more important than food, honestly. I like food, but I’m way more interested in watching the kids learn and grow. And growing myself by watching and listening.

Oh, YP and I will probably take pictures, too. One or both of us. Is it just the two of us spending the night with the kids? There are a couple of people lined up to teach, but I think they’ll go home for the night. Hm. Well, whatever. It’ll work. Shouldn’t be a problem. And the girls and the boys will be sleeping in different areas. NO PURPLE.

Lol. CHIC ’06. Blue + pink = purple. Not allowed. At least, not after lights out, or something.

So, yeah. Might be a gloomy day, I’m super excited for this evening and Friday!!!!!!!!!!

(See all those exclamation points? Yeah, I’m excited.)

What are you looking forward to?

Tonight. Lock-in Friday. Church Sunday. Making a new friend Monday. October JMB concert!