That was NOT hard.

Well, the first page threw me off a little, but that was only around 10 of probably 50+ points.

I don’t for sure. There were around 10 questions in the first page, but I think I got most of them right.

And I guessed on how many points total. I didn’t really count.

It was like 12 questions, which is awesome.

The last question was SUPER easy. I was like, What? Is this a trick question? for a second, because it was such a random question to end with.

So, yeah. Pretty sure I got at least 50 or 60 percent, which is amazing.

Considering the only “studying” I did was practically sprinting through my homework before bed last night, and reading a little bit this morning.

Haha. Prof P would’ve flipped if I told her that.

So now I get to find food, do nothing (though should be reading for classes) ’til work, then scoot over to church for the night!

I guessed wrong the other day. Lights out is midnight, and wake-up is probably about 7:20, since breakfast is at 7:30.

Knowing me, I’ll only get like four or five hours of sleep, if any at all.

Can you say “ICK”?


But it’s for the kids!! And it’ll be so worth it in the end to see the smiles and hear the laughter as our kids grow and learn together this weekend.

A prayer for the retreat:

Father, thank You for the opportunity to hang out with kids tonight. Give me patience and joy tonight as I stay up late and get very little sleep. Be with YP, PD, and M as they speak to the kids: give them the right words for their sessions. Be with the kids as they hang out and listen tonight: open their eyes, ears, hearts, and minds to what You want them to learn tonight. Help them to connect with each other and with the leaders (me, M, YP, PD, and any others), and to be growing in You and with You this school year. Let this be a constant, not just a once-a-week thing. Let the growth happen every day, through little things, not just at retreats and trips. Let it be an every day learning process.

And I pray specifically for our girls, Papa: remind them constantly that they are princesses, beautiful and worthy and loved. Remind them that the arms that hung shining stars in deepest space are the opens that are open to wrap them in a warm embrace.

And for our boys, Abba: hold them close. I don’t want them believing they’re worthless, or that they have to do anything special to “be a man”; they’re already princes in Your eyes! I want for them to see that, that they are awesome as they are. I want them to know that YOU are what makes them special, not anything else.

And for our leaders, God: give us all patience. Give us joy. Give us the right words to say when needed. Help us to grow and connect with these kids, to be lifelong friends and mentors, not just a small part of their junior and senior high years.

And for the group in general, Lord: break our hearts for what breaks Yours. Help our kids to be the generation rising up to take their place, to be world changers and visionaries and people whose hearts are on fire for You. Help this year to be the best it can possibly be. Forge deep relationships. Give strength to the weak. Bring joy to the mourning. Wrap us in Your arms. Remind us daily of Your great love for us.

When my enemies rise up against me, I will remember to stand and say, “Why so downcast, oh my soul? Put your hope in God!”