So, I got home a little bit ago from the JH retreat.

I got two hours of sleep. Bedtime was bumped to 12:30 because of games and Kung Fu Panda, and then the girls (TWENTY OF THEM; YP only had six boys, the lucky duck) didn’t settle down for another hour, about.

Like five of them asked if they sleep in the next room, because it was super crowded where we were, and I had to keep getting up to shush them every so often. The last time I did, around 2:30, I informed them that I really didn’t want to remind them again. (YP said this morning that I should’ve told them he was gonna come down the next time! LOL!)

And then I must’ve fallen asleep around 3 or so. My body could take no more running between rooms. I think I was literally at the point of “If I get out of my sleeping bag again, I will pass out in the hallway.”

And then I woke up at like 5. When I didn’t have to be up until 7. And stayed awake. It sucked.

I kept going back and forth between the (freezing cold) room and the bathroom, mostly to blow my nose. It was really annoying. I think I’m catching a cold. I chugged two (rather, four or six) servings of orange juice last night, but my throat is still weird. =\

On the plus side, the small group seemed to have fallen asleep for a little while!

So finally at like 6:45 the smaller group (a few of them) got up and asked if they could hang out in the kitchen area. I said sure, and joined them. Because none of us were going to get back to sleep.

And then YP came down and we made pancakes and sausages. I fail at pancake making. Not to mention it was early. But he’d asked Fri night if I would be Pancake Girl, and I said yes, and… yeah. The first couple attempts were miserable. But they got better as time passed. YP was going to eat the leftovers, of which there were a lot.

PD (our senior pastor) showed up for breakfast, and then did his session on friendship and God’s Love.

Mr. M spoke last night about getting into God’s word, and the Bible in general. Nice little intro session. 🙂

After M last night, YP spoke on Advent and Jesus being the Messiah. He talked about John the Baptist preparing the way, and we did a test to see how much we knew about JtB. I got 10 of 12! =)

Then the kids played SANTA and Sardines. I hung out and watched KFP. Oh, I walked to the bathroom with two girls because they were paranoid. Haha. =) I prefer Sardines to Santa, but I really didn’t feel like playing.

And then no sleep and PD, which you’ve already read about.

This morning, after PD, YP reviewed Love, and went on to discuss Miracles and Parables.

We watched a clip from the Princess Bride, answered some questions about Scripture (which we did at each session), and the kids went on a hunt for the definition of a Parable.

It was a major learning experience for me.

While waiting for 7 o’clock to roll around this morning, my stomach felt really bad. I was hoping and praying that it was just because I hadn’t eaten very well and wasn’t sleeping well, not because I’m catching the flu or something. So far, I’m pretty sure it’s the result of junk food and too-little sleep. =P It’s still weird, but hopefully it’ll pass.

I still haven’t eaten. Last thing I ate was peanut butter M&Ms last night around 10 or so, I think. Crackers, a Snickers bar, and M&Ms. Oh, and my OJ. Yeah, awesome. I didn’t really have time to eat pancakes this morning… But that’s okay, because my fam made German pancakes (basically crêpes) last night and they left some for me! =)

Now I’m going to possibly fall asleep on the couch for the rest of the afternoon.

And tomorrow is Sunday school, service, a free afternoon, and then Small Group with the Freshman girls!! =)