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Not even kidding you.

Check out this video.

And this one.

And this one, while you’re at it.

Actually, just check out anything by Addison Road.

So, last night I got an email that stopped my heart.

Well, kind of.

It gave me chills.

It was a request from someone I know for prayer.

That’s unusual in itself, because people rarely ask me to pray for them.

But it was amazing, because this person doesn’t believe what I believe.

They don’t necessarily believe in prayer or God, but they know I do and asked that I pray for them.

It was incredible. Though our beliefs are different, I was still asked to use mine.

Come to think of it, this person wouldn’t have had to ask me for prayer.

They wouldn’t have had to tell me what was up.

And yet, through the conversations we’ve had lately, and through me mentioning church from time to time, they felt comfortable asking (I think; always seemed like a confident person, but I don’t know the whole story).

Truthfully, even if they hadn’t asked for prayer but had explained the situation, I probably would’ve prayed anyway.

And that’s saying something, because my prayer life hasn’t been all that great lately.

How great are You, God!

So, yeah.

Just something to think about.

Now I’m off to eat supper and head off to Youth Group!