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I guess even though I had nothing to do for half of yesterday, I didn’t feel like posting.


Um, today’s OMTL chapter fit in really well with Tina’s 30Days post.

Just sayin’.

Forgiving myself is something I struggle with.

I’ve often said that if “love keeps no record of wrongs” then I must not love myeslf, because my brain sure as heck drags up all my mistakes.


I’ve had days where I’ve punished myself for something little (like forgetting to tell someone something that’s actually kind of important) by not eating lunch. I try to justify it to myself by saying, “Eh, I’m not hungry” but really it’s “I screwed up and now I’ll go without.”

It’s not a full-blown ED, but a slight … I dunno what to call it. =\ A teeny-tiny almost beginning of one.

I should probably quit that before it evolves into something much bigger.

I mean, c’mon. I only weigh like 120.

(Okay, so the scale says 117.6. Whatever.)

Point: I don’t need to lose any weight.


I have trouble getting myself to eat breakfast, too.

It’s weird.

And on nights that I work, I’ll come home and eat something totally unhealthy for supper, like popcorn or ice cream.

Except last night. Last night I had the presence of mind to buy myself a microwavable pasta thingy for supper.

But still.

I know this isn’t necessarily a food blog, but it is about healthy living. Not through physical exercise and things like that, but through exercising FAITH.

“Feed your faith and your doubts will starve to death,” right?

Today’s OMTL chapter talked in part about the Vine. Jesus is the Vine, we’re the branches, and God’s the master pruner. He knows what He’s doing. Apart from Jesus, we can do nothing. Apart from God, we bear no fruit.

One of the Make It Count Moment questions struck me: In what area of your life are you struggling the most to change?

Being me. Accepting myself for who I am and learning to love myself. Not holding grudges against myself, but owning my mistakes and giving them up to God.

And you? Where do you need patience and guidance and prunage?