I so stole that from Dory.

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But seriously.

It seems like everyone and their dog needs prayer right now.

First I had the email I mentioned a day or two ago. (There are one or two things I’m still praying for with this person, as well as the original request, which seems to be getting better.) 

Then there were Wednesday night’s JH girls requests, miniscule as they seemed.

And now a fellow blogger’s family is having some sort of emergency.


Life comes at you fast, huh?

Well, I guess all I can do is give it to God.

I think this is a good reminder that prayer should be constant, and trust in God should be full.

That was what today’s chapter of OMTL was about, trusting God and taking risks.

For me, prayer is actually kind of a risky thing. I find it a lot easier to write or type my prayers rather than verbalizing them, especially if I’m in a group.

It’s hard for me to voice anything in a group, because I feel like I’m being judged, that my way of articulating things isn’t acceptable to some people.

I’ll say my prayers out loud if I’m by myself in my car or something, but if there are other people nearby… forget it.

Praying out loud at CHIC one day during a session was weird.

Like, they instructed us to just spend this much time praying out loud.

I’d never really done that before, and I didn’t fill the whole three minutes or whatever with prayer.

It was actually a little intimidating and embarrassing: I happened to be sitting next to YP at this particular point. Ummm, pressure much?

But that’s the point, is that we weren’t supposed to let other people’s prayers affect ours. We were supposed to just have our time with God and be good.

It was kinda awkward, but I did it. 

But it’s more than just that.

Verbalizing makes it real.

To me.

I thought writing it made it real?

Verbalizing is even MORE real.

With this person who emailed me a few days ago, I wrote it out. I typed out my prayer within my reply to the email. Because I wanted this person to be able to go back and have proof that yeah, I prayed for you.

But I also prayed out loud, just a quick “Please help with this” blurb.

So. Another thought on prayer.

I know that the OMTL chapter yesterday (or the day before) said that prayer can be done anytime, and even in your head, and I told the person who emailed me that God cares more about sincerity than length of prayers, but… praying out loud is going to be a personal challenge.

Prayer itself was my challenge, but now praying more OUT LOUD feels like a better challenge.

Sound like a plan to you?

Is there anything you need to challenge yourself to do? Any risks you need to take?