I have something going on every night this week.


Tonight I work.

Tomorrow I work and have a meeting.

Wednesday at noon is a lunch “date”, that afternoon in work study, and Wed night is church.

Thursday night I’m going to this thing at a school in town with “Mama.”

Friday night I work.

And Saturday evening I’m at church for a concert!

Oh, and Sunday night the Fresh girls are coming to my house for Study. =)

I’m also thinking about trying to get a haircut this week. It’s getting a little bit annoying at this length, so I’m thinking I’ll get at least an inch or two trimmed off.

I also have to find three photos of politicians as part of my Vis Comm homework for tomorrow.

And I have to finish my math homework. Only three problems, and I’ve done two, but I need to double check them and stuff…

And I have a paper due (I think he bumped the date back by two or three days, which is nice!) for Intro–which so far I’m failing. I’ve missed most of the discussions, and I missed one of the quizzes. I don’t know why I have no motivation for this online course… *sigh*

Oh, and I have a test in History on Thursday. Ohboy.

And I have to do today’s OMTL chapter…

So, yeah. Busy week. =\