Or rather, some of the people in it.

I went to math class, which was … math class.

Then I went to a youth place for lunch.

Er, well, a youth ministry place.

The people there work with mostly unchurched kids, giving them outlets and sharing Jesus.

They’re awesome.

Two of their staff help with our church stuff pretty regularly, and the rest work with other areas.

They’re fun people.

They fed us, too, which makes them pretty freaking awesome. ;P


It was a good lunch.

We ate, laughed, and listened.

I know I learned quite a bit! I hadn’t realized the history behind this (national) group. It started pretty much right after World War Two, which was, y’know, several years ago. It’s spread across the States, and I think part of it is international, as well.

I like these people. =)

After my lunch “date,” I stopped in and made an appointment to get my hairs cut! Saturday afternoon. Just in time for the concert! =D


And tonight I get to go to church.


I’m so excited! I’ve missed youth group music…

So I’m pretty excited for the next couple days. =)