I hate math.

I’m doing it the way the prof showed us, but out of five problems, I’ve only gotten one right, according to the book.

Anybody know what I’m doing wrong?

I have

  1. 38942.5 and 197.3 
  2. 3086.353006 and 55.55
  3. 1243.049209 and 35.26
  4. -283.5837025 and -16.84

when I’m supposed to have

  1. 27941.46 and 167.2
  2. 211.2 and 14.5
  3. 211.2
  4. 11.7 and 3.4

What the heck?!?

I’m multiplying and adding the way she showed us, and then dividing.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!!!

And this is due back tomorrow.

And I’m busy tonight.


I hate math.

Just needed to vent.

Oh, and I shared the stories of CS (whom I did not know very well), M, and JV with my Comm prof after class today (and almost cried).

We were discussing this video we watched on the Pulitzer Prize, and the discussion surrounding this photo reminded me of the girls.

We talked about the ethics surrounding the photo: should it have been published? I mean, it is a photo of someone falling to their death, y’know. (Only the one girl died; the other survived.)

One kid in class said he wouldn’t have wanted the photo published if both girls had died, because if they were his family he wouldn’t want their last moments published for all the world to see.

I honestly wouldn’t care if they published a photo of M in her last moments, or J at the time of her death. In fact, I would’ve preferred seeing what happened. All I had to go on were other people’s accounts, and that just doesn’t do anything for me anymore. It was okay at the time, but now I find myself wanting more.

I know that people said you’d have thought M would’ve lived and D would’ve died.

I know that C was T-boned by a semi.

M’s step-dad wanted an open casket at her visitation, at least, so that we could see the consequences of drunk driving.

I know that J was killed by an idiot who thought he had more time, and part of her body went to a couple of people who needed organs.

This thing tonight is for J.

I’ll probably cry.

But that’s okay.