“Healthy Living Blogs”

I don’t necessarily meet that criteria, as I don’t really blog about my food intake or my exercise regimen.

I’m thinking about it, though, because it’s kind of interesting.

Here’s what today’s post would look like if I were documenting my food and exercise (except without photos, because I just decided this now) :

  • After being woken up by the doorbell ringing and rushing around to get dressed, I headed to a little diner/cafe thing in our downtown area to eat breakfast. What’d I eat? PANCAKES (probably not the healthiest pancakes ever, either)!! Practically drenched in syrup. Oh, and OJ! Can’t go wrong there.
  • Came home, surfed the Net, went to school.
  • Came home from school at noon, snatched an apple from the bowl on the counter.
  • It is currently after 2:30pm and I have not yet eaten lunch. But I need to. I’m tired, slightly dizzy, and I’m pretty sure my stomach is growling at me. I’ve been distracted by blogs! Reading comments on others’ posts and then finding out that “HOLY CRAP, I’ve had 50+ views today!?!?” rather boosted my afternoon.
  • I have no clue what I’m going to eat. Probably leftover sloppy joe (barbeque?) from last night’s Group stuff. Maybe some carrots and dip. And we’ve still got potato chips…
  • After that, I’ll hang out before going to work, where I will drive and walk. Possibly take some stairs.
  • Then I’ll come home and eat God knows what [yes, I consider that an okay thing for a “Jesus Freak” to say! He does know, probably.] and watch TV and force myself to do homework.

See why I’m not a Healthy Living Blogger (at least in the food and exercie areas)?

But reading these kinds of blogs has definitely gotten me thinking.

I’m not overweight. I’m average sized. I could stand a little toning, but I don’t need to lose weight. At all. I think I’m about 120? And that’s probably good. I dunno. I haven’t talked to a physician recently. Anybody know if 120 at 5 feet even (maybe 5ft 1) is in the healthy range?

But anyway.

I keep seeing Greek yogurt and the store and going, “Bloggers say this is good…”

I’ve contemplated making healthy smoothies.

I ate plain yogurt and fruit and… something fiber-filled one morning. (Rediscoverd a HATRED for plain yogurt; sorry! My father I am not… He loves the stuff!)

I walk pretty much daily. Not much, just around campus and to and from my car, mostly, but I walk [plus I wear these awesome things called Avia Motion Toning shoes…]. I don’t run (HATE), I don’t jog, I don’t play sports, I don’t swim, I don’t bike, I don’t lift weights… I don’t do much for physical activity. I hate moving, really. But I walk.

I don’t monitor my calories or anything.

I don’t really eat as healthily as I should (although having a vegetarian living with us for the year is helping!).

But I try to be happy with who I am at this stage in life.

As far as I’m concerned, reading HLBs has helped me there. By reading what works for them, I’m discovering that not eveyone is the same. Nobody’s perfect. Not everyone is at the point they want to be.

But if you can be happy with who you are, you will go far.

(Don’t ask. It just appeared on-screen.)