So, remember the article about HLBs? By Katie Drummond? Here’s what she’s been Tweeting lately.

Maybe I should get a Twitter account.

There are many un-Jesus-like things running through my head right now, but I will not let them out. Because they’re mean, and I don’t want to blow up. Hah.

On a more positive note, it’s J’s birthday today! (And it was my dad’s birthday a few days ago.)

Now back to negatives:

I had a History test today.

Yeah, I forgot to study.

I didn’t do so well, I don’t think.

But that’s okay.

I get to work this evening.

Then I’m going to put gas in my car and come home.

Maybe watch Glee?

Do Math homework (ick!).

Undoubtedly watch Criminal Minds!! (Can you guess what my new favorite TV show is? ;P)

Maybe eat some popcorn. Or something else just as unhealthy.

Hey, I’m only human.

Oh, and I’ll respond to emails and do some reading and… oh yeah. I should be doing my devotions. I fell behind last week. Oops!

So. Yeah. Full night.

I wanted to vent a little.

I know other bloggers (probably a [few] dozen or more) have been posting their responses to The Article, and I did too. But I happened to check KDrumm’s Twitter and see some new Tweets on The Article that bothered me. And I wanted to let it out.

Because I can do that.