Tonight was…slightly challenging, but fun at the same time.

We had a speaker from Lutheran Social Services come to talk to us about homelessness, mostly in youth.

She said that at she was willing to bet that our Junior High kids (I didn’t stay for Senior High) each knew at least one homeless kid.

From the Middle School.

They’re THAT young.

She said that in 2006, the youngest kid reported was 11.

This group specifically helps kids starting at 12.

I mean, they work with families, too, and if the kid is super-young and wandering the streets, they’ll fidn the family and help them out, etc.

But the youngest kid they’ve ever encountered was 12. That was what I meant.

The first Wednesday of each month is Service Night for our youth group.

Last year we started helping LSS raise money and stuff. We gave them hot dish (that’s a Midwestern thing; casserole to some of you), pillows, blankets, etc.

Tonight we bought food, tupperware for the hotdish that was made tonight while we were out, and socks and underwear.

You have no idea how excited these people get to hear that we’re making them hotdish.

Tonight, A shared that they’ll tell a kid they can eat hotdish and their eyes just LIGHT UP. They’re sick and tired of Ramen noodles, so hotdish is like heaven.

And socks and underwear. Oh, how they appreciate being given the essentials.

They get some furniture and toothbrushes and stuff donated, but they can’t have everything donated… So they’re grateful for our involvement and help.

On a side note, I put Tobymac‘s Hold On album on my Christmas list. =) I’ve been listening to some of the songs the last couple of days and I really like them. (IMO, TMac is the only white man who should be allowed to rap…And TruDog! =D) So yeah. I only have like four things on my list. Whereas my sister has probably 12 or more things listed.

What can I say? I don’t really want much.

I don’t need much.

I’m not a very high-maintenance girl. ;P

I have what I need, and some of what I want. I’m pretty set.

My family hates buying things for me.

One year I got like three pairs of pajamas!

And a few of the things I’d really like to have can’t be bought, so… they’re obviously not going on my list.

Um, I’m not sure why my links (TMac and the album) aren’t changing colors in this text box. Maybe they’ll show up properly after I publish? =\