WARNING!!!!: If you are anorexic, or recovering, you probably don’t want to watch the video mentioned. It could be a trigger. The main gist is that Superchick wrote a song about anorexia and that there was a bit of a YouTube debate over the video/song/being anorexic. You can read the lyrics here if you like.

Come to think of it, you might want to skip this post period…

I was listening to Superhick songs and stumbled across this video for their song “Courage.”

It was all well and good until I scrolled down and read a couple of comments.

Um, pardon me?

Certainly, if you’re anorexic, you know that anorexia is caused partly by the fact that you feel the only thing in your life you can control is your food intake.

Sure, you look in the mirror and your brain distorts the image.

I get that.

But not eating is a choice.

And who says you “can’t choose to go anorexic”?

There are hundred, maybe thousands or even millions of people who are so desperate to be thin and “beautiful” and all that jazz that they DECIDE to starve themselves, over-exercie, take laxatives, ANYTHING to make themselves skinny.

Would you do me a favor and Google “A Journey to Bones”? (If you’re brave enough, that is.)

I’d say that’s a decision.

She’s 118—which, BTW, is about what I weigh, and I don’t want to be much thinner. I’m 5’1″ and about 119, which makes my BMI 22.5, in the normal, average, healthy range.

This girl’s BMI is about 20, which is healthy. Her goal of 104 (Why 104? Why not 105? or 100?) would put her BMI at just under 18, which means she’d be underweight.

One-oh-four, for her, is not healthy. According to this website, anyway.

I can understand wanting to be thinner, but starving yourself is NOT the right way to get there.

It makes my heart ache to read that people are so desperate to be society’s version of beautiful that they starve themselves. And they’re getting SUPPORT for it.

One more thing: this girl who writes AJTB? She says in one post that she feels tired all the time.

That’s probably because YOU HAVEN’T BEEN EATING.

You don’t eat enough, you get tired.

Trust me.

I’ve never been completely anorexic, but I’ve had days where I haven’t eatne much for stupid reasons like laziness or being upset with myself and punishing myself by not eating, but passing it off as not being hungry.

I end up dizzy, hungry, and tired.

It’s not very fun.

Why anyone would put themself through that is beyond me.

So there you have it: my venting for the afternoon.

EDIT (March 1, 2011): I realized after thinking about and rereading this post that I made a slight mistake. What I said about not eating beaing a choice? That’s how it starts out, but it starts to become a big problem the more you restrict. Kind of. You know what I mean? It starts out as controlling your food intake, but then it spirals out of control until it’s kind of more of a habit. A destructive habit, but a habit.