Wow! I’ve seen this on several blogs lately, and have decided it’s time for me to get back into the whole “being thankful” thing that I seemed to have been lacking lately.

And Wednesday night I wrote about homeless people being thrilled to get stuff.

It only makes sense that I be positive, too.

So, the good things in life:

  1. I have a great church family!
  2. I’ve finally decided on a college/major.
  3. I have a cool regular family, too.
  4. I’m in college and have flexible days.
  5. Starting this blog!!
  6. In conjunction with the blog, talking to other bloggers! Not in person, but via email and stuff. (Someday…)
  7. Nutella + Peanut Butter = greatest things on Earth. Seriously, this morning I decided to put Nutella and Chunky PB (which I used to hate) on bread and make a sandwich for breakfast. It’s pretty good. Maybe not the healthiest thing, but good!
  8. I’m pretty sure I’m actually passing Math!
  9. I’m beginning to get back into daily devotions!
  10. My prayer life is getting back to where it probably ought to be.

I’m leaving it there for now, but I will add to the list eventually…