So, this happened last night.

On Facebook.

It made me laugh. =)

Friday. My friend E’s Facebook status.

E: I love Marvel superheroes. Yes, I’m a geek. It’s my weakness.

Friend 1: u mean strength right?

E: Yes… Secret strength. 🙂

Friend 1: 🙂

Me: Lol! You should see this shirt we found a long time ago: “I only date superheroes”. 🙂

Friend 2: You guys are lame. (E & Friend 1)

E: At least we accept at where as you hide it! You know you love superheros!

Notice F2 ignored me… Does that mean she doesn’t think I’m lame? Awesome!

Anyway. Just wanted to share a funny. =)

Also, JD’s Other Guys (<- that is a link. WP is being dumb and not changing link colors!!) is making me smile, as usual. =)

If you need a laugh or some cheering up, check it out. =)