That was what we talked about in Youth Group tonight.

Now, to understand, you have to know what “integrity” means.

I had trouble explaining it to my girls, even though YP had given me notes!

You can check out the definition of “integrity” [here] if you don’t know what it is.

YP asked a few good “what if” questions:

  • if you had your phone, computer or internet taken from you?
  • you had no TV, videogames, car or friends?
  • you had little food, no home, or you lost your family?

He used the example of a drunk driver for loss of family and I almost lost it. I had to close my eyes and bite my lip for a minute to keep from crying.

He asked about anger–when would you get angry? Would you get angry at God? At what point?

How are you living a life of integrity?

How does living a life of integrity relate to the WHAT IFs listed above?

We read James 1:1-5 [here] and were asked how we succeed (or fail) at living it out,a s well as what we might need to serve less in order for God to be more.

We talked about persecution, and YP read us the story of Tom White [check out the book here].

A few of the thoughts from the story that stuck out to me were

  • God doesn’t need eye contact (RE: the interrogator wearing shades after their first talk), He sees the heart
  • When Tom was asked who he worked for, he said “I work for Jesus.”
  • When asked what his payment was, he said that his payment was God’s love and blessing.
  • He had pity on and compassion for the man interrogating him (this sparked the shade/eye contact thing–TOm was praying for his interrogater)
  • Tom was singing to Jesus (even after he was told by a guard that “if you love Jesus, you’ll stop singing”), and he used Psalm 22:3 [here] to remind himself that the highest level of spiritual warfare is praise.

I was also reminded of Job, and the song Your Grace is Enough, the bit about how we want God to remember His people, children, and promises.

It was an interesting night, and I can only hope and pray that our kids are getting this.

I’m learning a heck of a lot, and I’m excited to see what else this month’s Jesus Freaks [song!] theme (and the rest of this year) brings.